Caravan’s air conditioning systems Gold Coast

It’s always hard to know what type of air conditioning system to install in your caravan, firstly you need to determine the area you want to cool, for example a 2.5KW air conditioner is not going to cool a large caravan, you will probably have to upgrade to a 5KW to cool a whole caravan.

Another thing to remember is split system right for you? Or possibly ducted air conditioning might suit you better? The benefits of ducting is it will cool the whole caravan, or at least every room you run a duct to, as opposed to a split system where you only have 1 outlet of cool air.. keep in mind that ducted is not only awesome!! But it is more expensive, so it depends how rich you are.

I use a local Gold Coast company to install my Air Conditioning System, I use a Kelvinator 5KW split system for caravan air conditioner as here on the Gold Coast Queensland it gets very hot and although I only have a transportable modular caravan, which is only 100 m2 , I thought a bigger machine would be better.