Caravan Maintenance Tips 

Congratulations on acquiring a caravan! It must have been a dream to own a motor home. The spirit of adventure should be higher than before; no doubt, life is fun and enjoyable with a caravan. However, you need to learn of a few tips to keep it running and serve you at its best. Whether you are planning to go for a vacation in 4 months to come or already on a trip, you should check critical parts of your motor home. Caravan maintenance is a year-round job whether you are going on a trip or not. In fact, it requires regular check-up when stagnant because it relies on electrical connections to keep the air conditioner, roof air conditioner for van and water system among other essentials functioning.

Regular checks on your caravan prevent magnification of small problems to an expensive endeavour that will require an expert. Regular maintenance also extends a caravan’s service life. Here are some tips on what you should check before, during, and after a trip.

Gas and electricity 

Always check on water and gas as well as electric lines because they are fundamentals to your trip. Before heading out, make sure your cooker, fridge, air conditioner and other appliances are all functioning. If there is any defect in any of your appliances then you have to sort the issue before driving off. Do not postpone or assume, you never know how bad the situation is. A caravan is not comfortable without these appliances; you will be like spending the night in your car. Also, check the lighting system, any problem with lighting should point you to the battery as source of power of circuit. It cannot be assumed either.

Water system 

Water storage and taps should be checked before heading out on vacation. Failed taps or leakages in shower can cause huge trouble and major inconveniences in your trip. Be sure to empty and refill water storage, stale water is not good for caravan. Regularly flush the toilet to keep the water running. Be sure to conserve water in your trip because you can get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Failed taps can also be an indication of huge problems with plumbing. It can be rust clogging the pipes or broken pipes, which redirect water or cause leakage. None of this is to be taken lightly. Leakage of shower tanks can destroy the floor and cause falls.

Towing weight 

Do not tow with full water tanks. Of course, there are circumstances that necessitate you to fill up before driving, especially if you are going to the bush. Otherwise, you should mark all RV parks along our route and top up whenever it’s necessary. Towing with full tanks increases weight hence strain on the chains joining to your van. You don’t want to experience cracks and shackles on your connections while on a trip. Excess weight also increases your running costs, you will spend more fuel to carry the weight uphill; obviously, you are not heading to a city for vacation with a caravan. The rugged roads will strain chains and decrease their service time; you will have to keep on replacing chains to be safe.

Wheels and brakes

A caravan is an automotive hence need for comprehensive service, and repairs on basis of locomotion, as Caravan Repairs Brisbane. Check on wheels for any bulges or cracks on the rim. Bulging wheels cause uneven drives and damage on the rim; if you ride with such a wheel on an uneven road, you are likely to experience a bust. It is not only costly but inconveniencing. It is much easier if you check all caravan wheels including wheels on your van before heading out for a vacation. Also, check on pressure level of each wheel and balance according to manual from specialists and weight of your carriage. Extreme pressure on the higher side or lower side is dangerous and damaging to your wheels.

Be sure to check on the jokey wheel and test functionality. The turns should be smooth and silent. Regularly grease the jokey wheel, gears to avoid rusting, and knocks considering you will be driving for long.

Check on condition of brakes, grease the plates, test its engagement, and release pressure. You should be conversant with your handbrake-wheel response. Spare time to check base plates and fix where necessary.

Keep it clean 

The simple maintenance practice for a caravan is keeping it clean. Don’t expose it to dust and weather elements. Some of the environmental elements cannot be avoided, this is why you should commit to cleaning the inside and outside regularly whether you are planning for a trip or not. If you are taking a break from adventure and you will be parking the caravan for long, disengage the brakes and cover the plates. While keeping it indoors locked is safe from elements of weather, the heat and moisture is not good for the steel and chains. There is no other way about it other than constantly checking and removing rust.

Other maintenance tips include:

Wiping surface with disinfectant to remove bacteria
Touch up and repaint any peelings
Invest in a caravan cover to prevent it against rain.
Don’t let mud, dust, or any form of dust accumulate on the exterior
Regularly clean and air the van during storage
Proper maintenance tips ensure long service of your caravan.