Advantages of OZTENT

There are larger tents on the market, cheaper tents and even nicer tents when set up, the oz tents real claim to fame is its set up time. When we talk to customers about their tent needs we always need to weigh up factors like speed, room required, etc.

The OZTENT is also quite long when packed up at a bag length of 2.1 metres which means it’s very hard to fit in the car. Many 4×4 travellers put their oztent on the roof rack which makes it pretty easy to transport, however they will fit in the back of most utes or larger 4×4 wagons on the market.

As much as we love oztent they are not for everyone. If you’re on a budget they are quite expensive. Families who need a lot of room and set up for a week at a time don’t really need the quick set up times as much so we tent to steer them towards other types of camping tents. But for the genuine traveller who gets in the car most days to travel to a new camp site, we recommend this as the number one tent for that purpose. We also think its worth the extra investment as it makes travelling around the country so much easier and stress free.

Oz Tent now has another great accessory for 4×4 owners. Its new Foxwing Awning connects to the side of your 4×4 giving you an under cover living area and you can attach your oztent to it, making it a total outdoor living system. See more about the Foxwing or OZTENT on our website.