Ever wondered how to work out the amps that an appliance may draw on your precious motorhome or caravan battery?  As the power coming in to recharge your battery when free camping is as precious as gold (likely solar), its good to get an idea of what appliances you are using in your van so you can work out your consumption and cut back if you need to or find alternative appliances.


Not all power is created equal so to convert watts to amps there is a simple equation  Amps = Watts / Voltage  or use the calculator I made below.


Using the calculator here you can get a basic idea of how many amp hours a particular appliance is sucking out of your reserve.


Most appliance should have a sticker located on the underside or rear to indicate some needed numbers.  Type in the watts, select 12 or 24 volt and you will get the energy output in Amps, which is what your battery is calculated in.