Staying in caravan parks can turn into an expensive holiday if you need to do a lot of laundry.  At usually $4 per load for washing or drying this can take a big chunk out of your travelling budget. Apart from turning your undies inside out and wearing again, we’ve found a few ways to save some coin at caravan park laundries just by changing a few simple habits.  Not only will it cut down your gold coin expenditure it will also get your laundry done faster more efficiently.    



  • Always try to wash only a full load.  You’re paying per load.  Get as much as you can done in a load that doesn’t overfill it.
  • Use cold water.
  • Follow the recommended dosage of your washing powder / liquid.  Too much while smelling lovely can have an adverse cleaning effect.
  • Make your own washing detergent. See recipe here.
  • Ditch the commercial softener.  Use white vinegar and add it to the rinse cycle WHILE IT IS FILLING.



  • Remove the dryer lint before you do anything.  If you leave it full it will reduce the amount of warm air flow around your clothes, which increases the dryer time and costs you more gold ones.
  • Shake clothes out before you put them in the dryer. It increases the surface area of the clothes, making more warm air come in contact = drying faster = less gold ones.
  • Place a dry towel in your load.  The dry towel absorbs the moisture in the load, reducing the drying time and using less energy = less gold ones.  On average I have found it halves the drying time.