Camping with “Girl” Friends The Right Combo Pick a friend whose company you always enjoy in a variety of situations.

Taking off with someone you hardly know can lead to some uncomfortable silences, crossed arms & “nothing, Im fine” answers to questions.



Ying & Yang

Figure out what kind of trip you want to have. Is it a madventure, relaxing vacay or does Dora Want to be the explorer?

Taking off with a friends that are goers & you are a no-er or a slower can quickly lead to that arm crossing & “nothing, Im fine” situation mentioned in Number 1  



Wallet Size Before you take off work out with eachother what you are able & prepared to spend on accommodation, food & transport. Misers & spenders can usually find a middle ground but its worth talking about before its time to go dutch.  



Time Out Even the bestest of friends need time apart to go off & do other things. Being dragged from bikini shop to bikini shop when you would rather be lazing around the pool with a book will soon have you resenting your friend. Speak up, take time out & then when you do meet back up at least you’ll have something different or new to talk about.  



Daily Motions You will get to know your friends routines pretty fast when stuck together in a small space. Snoring, night owls, tossers & turners & sleep walkers fess up before you go. Lets the others be prepared & maybe work out alternative sleeping situation. Also note if you are sleeping in small areas relatively close together, don’t forget your own personal hygene. Showers daily a must!