Find Campsites

With the abundance of camping grounds and campsites in this huge country, finding them just got a whole lot easier. Locate your destination area on the map or in the search bar and you’re on your way to finding that perfect camping spot.

Find Free Camping

Find areas in Australia that allow free camping on public land.

Find Rest Areas

There are thousands of motorist rest areas listed in our app & website.  Rest areas are designated roadside stop areas for motorists to take a break.  Usually they have public toilets for use and tables to have a cuppa at.  The time limit permitted to stop in  rest areas varies, check for signs in the area you plan to stop in for the best indication.

Find Hostels

Easy to locate backpacker & youth hostels throughout Australia. Just look for the green hostel pin.

Find Visitor Centres

Getting local information about a town you just arrived is the best bet at a Visitor Information Centre.  The staff are usually friedly locals with an abundance of knowledge of their area, events, facilities and even hidden places you can camp for the night.  Be sure to visit the local visitor information centre when you arrive.

Find Caravan Parks

With over 3000 caravan parks listed, the only trouble you’ll find it picking the right one for your needs.  Finding a suitable caravan park that ticks all the boxes is alot simpler with our filter.  Allowing you to remove features from the search that you don’t need.

Find Showgrounds

Showgrounds offer some great overnight accommodation options for weary travellers.  Usually providing some simple amenities as water & toilets, some even providing power for a small fee.  Be sure to include showground camping areas in your search when looking for an overnight camping spot.

Find Farm Stays

Staying on a farm property is a unique experience. Usually farm stays allow guests to get involved with the day to day tasks running the property. Offering opportunities to feed animals, collect eggs and learn how a farm functions.  Some are just purely for some peace and quiet in a truly rural setting.  Check with the operator to make sure that the farmstay experience will suit your taste & budget.

Find Pub Stays

There are some fine old hotel scattered throughout small towns in Australia that offer their property to campers with tents, caravans and self contained vehicles to pitch up for the night.  Check them out in their new category in our app and on the website.

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